Established in 1956, Guangzhou Fourth Construction Co., LTD. is a state-owned construction enterprise,being subordinate to Guangzhou Construction Group. The company holds two qualifications of Type Class A in the field of overall contract, including housing construction and municipal public construction as well as five qualifications of Type Class A in the field of responsibility contracts on specialties, including mechanical and electrical equipment installation, building decoration, adhesive lifting scaffolding, foundation and foundation and steel,etc.It also holds the qualification of foreign contracting projects.

In 1996 the company took the lead in gaining the ISO9002 International Quality Management Standard Certification. In 2002, it obtained the ISO14000 Environmental Management Standard Certification.In 2003, it obtained the National Occupational Health and Safety Standard Certification. It has achieved standardized management of the trinity- quality, environment, occupational health and safety. For many years it has implemented in-depth "standards enable management to achieve continuous improvement". The company launches the management model of "using rules to manage the corporation, using systems to manage the staff" , practicing the person-centered corporation culture of "Three Ones".The company has leapt to the domestic advanced rank…
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Address: Jili South Street No. 21, Qianjin Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou.       TEL: 020-84262002     FAX: 020-84446643
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